The Isle of Coll

The Isle of Coll is a rugged and beautiful island, located in the Inner Hebrides off the West Coast of Scotland, with a population of around 200. The island is a popular destination for those wishing amazing beaches, stunning sunsets and general tranquillity. There is also an abundance of wildlife, with seabirds, seals, basking sharks and dolphins all visible from its shores, while the meadows and moorland have large numbers of small birds and game, including a very rare corncrake.

How to get to the Isle of Coll

By Ferry:

All the ferries serving Coll run out of Oban and there are legs to/from Tiree. The ferry normally takes 2hr 45 minutes from Oban, 55 minutes from Tiree. It is advisable to bring a car and to book a place in advance!

In the summer the ferry rides are spectacular and you may spot dolphins, whales, basking sharks! 

By Air:

There is an airstrip in Coll, you can travel on light planes and helicopters! Make sure you contact Oban Airport at 01631572910 for permission.


  • Coll is a popular anchorage for yachts
  • Charter a boat from Coll IsleGO

There is no official taxi service or public transport BUT you have a good chance of hitching a ride from the locals!

What to do in Coll 

The Isle of Coll has so many unexpected outdoor experiences to offer! Coll is such a beautiful place, with stunning views and trails! You should definitely take a walk around the beaches and hills, plus who doesn't love a scenic run in the morning! Coll is also home to a lovely golf course, that you should definitely take advantage of.

Breacachadh Castles are two truly fascinating, contrasting, castles, located on the West end of the island, with a great beach to view them from. Both castles are private residences but you can get a great feel for them when viewing from outside.

Coll has a sailing club you can join in with and you might even see dolphins, whales, otters and basking sharks on your sailing adventure! Other water-related activities include surfing and fishing, there are so many beaches and points you can do this from (see our beaches map). 

Immerse yourself in nature with tons of flora and fauna to see, go bird watching and see the very rare corncrake. You can take guided tours around the island, there are lots of options. Take a boat trip, go on a guided kayak adventure, or join a land-based tour. The RSPB also offers guided walks for a short period during June.

Did you know that Coll is an official Dark Sky Island? That means Coll's night sky is unspoilt by pollution and weather permitting you are guaranteed an amazing view of the sky. You may even see the Milky Way it is so perfect for star-gazing! Coll's Community Centre, An Cridhe has telescopes, binoculars, day-time solar viewing and an indoor planetarium.  

    Everything you need to know from food to essentials!

    • Arinagour is the main town, here you will find the shops, water pump, main pier and other necessities.
    • An Cridhe Community Centre a great place to go during rainy weather as it has all sorts of interesting activities going on during the day, evenings and weekends. You can join in indoor football and hockey, use the fully equipped gym and drink cups of tea. On a Saturday morning, there is a local produce sale, which is great for jams, baking, jumpers, and cushions. During the Summer there are Ceilidhs, music evenings and interesting lectures. Visitors are always welcome here!
    • The island has a new refurbished Coll Stores, where you can find fruit, veg, meat, dairy, goodies and essentials.
    • The Post Office/Ancarsaid sell everything from souvenirs, OS maps, books to Hebridean wool! They even sell buckets and spades.
    • ReyColl a second-hand shop that is also a compost and aggregate store.
    • Robertson Seafood is a local ship that fishes sustainably. You can place an order before midday and collect it in the afternoon! They have all kinds of seafood ranging from crabs, lobster and langoustine. Contact Andrew at 07585439064 for more details.

    • We are very lucky to have one of the best island hotels around. The Coll Hotel has a great bar, coffee lounge, and restaurant overlooking a beautiful view of the garden and sea. We love the Cajun Chicken Burger and skinny fries but occasionally go for the seafood platter. Either way, the food is great and you will always find someone to have a chat with, or solitude, depending on your mood.
    • The Island Cafe serving you tea and coffee and all that cafe goodness.

    Beaches in Coll

    Coll has 21 beautiful beaches. They range from huge open expanses of golden sand with azure seas to cute little sandy coves with seals on the rocks. If you are seeking solitude, you will always find an empty beach. Some are easily accessible by car, others involve a walk across flowery meadows or rocky paths. Either way, there is always a beach available to suit your activity or mood.

    Have a look at the map below of our favourite beaches and why!

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