The Isle of Coll is a rugged and beautiful island, located in the Inner Hebrides off the West Coast of Scotland, with a population of around 200. The island is a popular destination for those wishing amazing beaches, huge skies, stuning sunsets and general tranquility. There is also an abundence of wildlife, with seabirds, seals, basking sharks and dolphins all visible from its shores, while the meadows and moorland have large numbers of small birds and game, including the very rare conrcrake.

Coll's beaches

Coll has 21 beautiful beaches. They range from huge open expanses of golden sand with azure seas, to cute little sandy coves with seals on the rocks. If you are seeking solitude, you will always find an empty beach. Some are easily accessible by car, others involve a walk acroos flowery meadows or rocky paths. Either way, there is always a beach available to suit your activity or mood.

We visit different beaches for different reasons. Breacachadh beach at high tide is the safest for kids swimming in the sea, Hogh is brilliant for running along, The Rope Beach for social gatherings and Feall for surfing.

Breacachadh Castles

These are two truly fascinating, contrasting, castles, located on the West end of the island, with a great beach to view them from.

Breacachadh Old Castle was built in the 15th Century, while the New Castle is a relatively modern 1720's build.

Both castles are private residences but you can get a great feel for them when viewing from outside.

An Cridhe Community Centre

This recent addition to the facilities on the Island is so welcome. It has all sorts of interesting activities going on during the day, eveings and weekends. We find it particularly useful to occupy a rainy day.

You can join in indoor football and hockey, use the full equipped gym and drink cups of tea. There is a weekly regular local produce sale, which is great for jams and jumpers and cushions. Duriung the Summer their are Ceilidhs, music evenings and interesting lectures.

An Cridhe is where the annual half marathon finishes and where the Annual Show and pamto is. 

Visitors are welcome at all times to this amazing facility.

The Coll Hotel

We are very lucky on the island to have one of the best island hotels around. A great pub, coffee lounge and restaurant, with accomodation too! The Coll Hotel has been at the centre of the community for decades and has recently been invested in heavily to update all the faciities. There is a now a super smart dining restaurant, stylish public bar and a expansive coffe lounge.

We love the Cajun Chicken Burger and skinny fries, but occasionally go for the seafood platter when feeling wealthy. Either way, the food is great and you will aways find someone to have a chat with, or solitude, depending on your mood.

How to get to the Isle of Coll

The island is accessed by two and a half hour ferry from Oban. The ferry sails very day in the Summer with a slightly reduced schedule in Winter (End of Oct to end of March). Booking in advance is essential at all times.

Alternative modes of transport to the island include scheduled plane service from Oban (On a Monday), private plane (beware the runway is only 500 metres long), helicopter (The Coll Hotel has a helipad), or yacht (there are plety of public moorings in the bay in the village).

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